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81. With microfinance 10 crore women are benefited across the world. They are provided $ 25 billion by loans/

82. DTH – Direct To Home

83. The population density of Andhra Pradesh is 277 persons per square kilometer.

84. H1N1 virus causing swine flu is medically called – influenza

85. Which vitamin is known as Beauty vitamin – Vitamin E

86. The number of netizens as per Internet World Stats – 1,596,270,108 (India – 8.1 crore – 4th place in the world)

87. The Ostrich is not only the biggest bird but it also lays the biggest eggs.

88. The spin-tailed swift is the fastest bird. It flies at a speed of 170 km/ hour

89. Cuckoo is the only bird that never builds a nest. There are 127 kinds of this bird in the world.

90. Baby Zebras can stand and walk within an hour of their birth.

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