1900s: Gwen's family starts making candy hearts from bone meal and earwig honey

20th century?: The Stupid Ages? Fry's era is referred to as the Stupid Ages more than once in the series. No dates are given, but the 20th century seems stupid enough to me.

July 9, 1947: Emerging from a time-warp, the Planet Express ship crash-lands near Roswell, New Mexico

July 10, 1947: Planet Express returns through the time-warp, leaving behind Bender's head

1951: Pete's TVs: "letting people watch news reports in our window since 1951"

August 9, 1960: David Duchovny is supposedly born; Duchovny is in fact the individual who will later be known as Calculon; his birth date might be a lie.

1960: The 1960 Presidential elections are fixed by John F. Kennedy, according to Richard Nixon

September 8, 1966: The first episode of the original series of Star Trek is aired

1969: The New York Mets win the World Championship.

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