1. Why was the “Druk Phuensum Tshogpa” party in the news onMarch 24?

It won the first democratic elections held in Bhutan

2. Which legendary sportsperson wrote the following: MyCricketing Life (1938), Farewell to Cricket (1950) and The Art of Cricket(1958)?

Sir Donald Bradman

3. Which Biblical patriarch was also known as Israel?


4. As of 2006-2007, which club holds the record for the mostwins in an EPL season?

Chelsea (38 wins)

5. What was the nationality of the famous painter JanVermeer?


6. What is the biggest operational difference between atortoise and a turtle?

The former cannot swim or float on water;

7. Which telecom giant gets its name from a river inFinland?


8. How many stars on a table tennis ball indicate that it isof the highest quality?


9. Which famous cartoon ‘pair’ have had the Latin namesBirdus Tastius and Poultrius Devourius?

Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote;

10. In the Mauryan empire, who succeeded Ashoka the Great?

Dasaratha Maurya (after half-brother Kunala became blind);

11. Which Indian actress’ paternal grandfather played cricketfor two countries?

Soha Ali Khan

12. What is dvimudrakaara in Carnatic music?

A composer who has used two kinds of ‘mudras’ in his compositions;

13. How are red kidney beans referred to in Indian cooking?


14. Which dance form is performed in front of theKalivilakku?


15. What was the subject of the world’s first jigsaw puzzles?


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