Politicians in Brazil are considering a constitutional amendment to help ensure what becomes a social right of all citizens?

It's happiness. A bill to amend Brazil's constitution to make the search for happiness an inalienable right is widely expected to be approved soon by the Senate.

Thousands of police cleared the biggest squat in a European city. The building, known as No 14, had been occupied for two decades and was inhabited by a mix of people, including punks and militants in their 50s. Where is it?

It's Berlin. More than 2,000 police were deployed to clear the squatters out of the apartment building, Liebig 14, in the eastern Berlin district of Friedrichshain, a former working class area that has become fashionable since the Berlin Wall fell in 1989.

It was revealed this week that Chinese state television had broadcast a news report, which appeared to include footage taken from a Hollywood film. Which one?

It was Top Gun. The footage showcasing China's new J-10 fighter and including an air-to-air missile destroying another jet, was published by The Wall Street Journal, alongside film sequences from the 1986 movie. It noted many similarities.

City councillors in New York have approved some of the toughest measures to be adopted in a major metropolis. Against what?

It's smoking. A smoking ban has been extended to municipal parks, beaches and other pedestrian zones. The ban, which will take effect three months after it has been signed by mayor Michael Bloomberg, will make it an offence to smoke in any of the city's 1,700 parks and more than 20km of coastline.

Protests in Egypt against the 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak have focused on Cairo's Tahrir Square, or Midan Tahrir. Translated, it is known as...

It's Liberation Square. The square was originally called Midan Ismailia after a 19th Century ruler. It was renamed after the Egyption revolution in 1952, which established the country as a republic.

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