1. Name the only male tennis player in the Open era to have won all the four Grand Slam singles titles and the Olympic gold.

 Andre Agassi

2. Which comedian and actor gave the voice for Barry Bee Benson in the ‘Bee Movie’?

Jerry Seinfeld

3. According to the nursery rhyme, what five things did Old King Cole call for?

Pipe, Bowl and Fiddlers 3

4. How many players to a polo team on the field?


5. In geometry, angles between 181 and 360 are called…?

Reflex angles

6. James Earl Ray is considered the assassin of which Nobel Peace Prize winner?

Martin Luther King Jr.

7. In chess, what is ‘fool’s mate’?

It’s the quickest possible checkmate in the game

8. In which country is Balaklava, made famous in a Tennyson poem?


9. Whose schoolmates were Harry Wharton, Bob Cherry and Frank Nugent?

Billy Bunter

10. In America, how is a lawyer commonly referred to?


11. In Greek myth, where do the Gods live?

Mt. Olympus

12. Which of Batman’s enemies has Jim Carrey portrayed on screen?

‘The Riddler’

13. Who is ‘Moochu Singh’?

The mascot of the Rajasthan Royals IPL team

14. According to the Bible, how long was Noah’s Ark?

300 cubits

15. A vegetarian should not have ‘lachanophobia’. What is it a fear of?


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