1995 to 1998?: Fry goes roughly three years without getting time off

1997: Fry's dog, Seymour, is born.

1997: Applied Cryogenics experiences their most recent power failure.

circa 1997: date on the last existing can of anchovies ("Angry Norwegian Anchovies" brand)

August 1997: Fry meets his dog, "Seymour Asses"

July 1998: The summer from "I Still Know What You Did Last Summer". Seymour swims in toppings.

1999 or earlier: The evil brainspawn begin constructing the Infosphere. The Nibblonians forsee its completion and realise their need to cryogenically freeze Fry so that he can ultimately defeat them.

March 28, 1999: In real life, the first episode of Futurama is aired

1999: Fry spills a can of beer, disrupting the transmission of the series finale of Single Female Lawyer

Evening of December 31, 1999: Nibbler orders a pizza to be delivered to Applied Cryogenics, using the pseudonym I. C. Weiner.

11:35pm, December 31, 1999: Fry leaves on his last pizza delivery.

At this point the time-stream diverges. As is well recorded, Nibbler is hidden underneath the desk that Fry will sit at as the new millennium rolls in, intending to deliberately make Fry fall in the cryogenics tube, so that in the future (specifically, the episode "The Why Of Fry") he can defeat the brainspawn on behalf of all intelligent life. In one timeline (timeline A) this goes ahead as planned. In timeline B, a Fry arrives from the future, sent back in time by the brains, just in time to deliver to Nibbler the dire warning, "Scootie-Puff Junior sucks!" This will have significant consequences, as we shall see in the year 3002 or so. Either way, Nibbler's plan proceeds as envisaged:

12:00:0?am, January 1, 2000: Philip J. Fry falls backwards into a cryogenic chamber, which automatically freezes him for a thousand years

lunchtime, January 1, 2000: Fry's father calls him, wondering where he is.

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