July 20, 1969: Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin land on the Moon. The original landing site will have been lost for centuries by the year 3000.

1973: Computers will double in speed between now and 3000, according to Richard Nixon in 3000 - probably something of an understatement

1973: Muhammed Ali faces an 80ft-tall mechanical Joe Frazier. The entire Earth is destroyed, according to George Foreman, whose memory is not, apparently, what it was

1974: birth of Philip J. Fry

1975: In Leela's dream, the Yellow Brick Road is renamed Martin Luther King Boulevard

1984 or later: Stricken with incurable boneitis, "that guy" (Steve Castle) is frozen. We know he's from the 1980s, but he has also certainly seen Apple's "1984" advert

1985: The New York Mets win the World Championship. Shea Stadium has a banner proclaiming: "Home of the 1969 & 1985 World Champion Mets". Note: This obliquely suggests that the Mets won't win the World Championship again for over a thousand years!

1988: What Hermes Conrad will later describe as a "legendary Jamaican bobsled team" first competes in the Winter Olympics

between 1990 and 1996: Applied Cryogenics experiences their penultimate power failure

1994 or 1995: Fry scrawls a picture of himself on a rocket

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