Chapultepec Park, which was once the site of a residence forAztec rulers, in what capital city?

Mexico City

Oil production in the United Arab Emirates is centered onthe country's capital city. Name this city

Abu Dhabi

Which country, once a region of nomadic tribes unified underGenghis Khan, has an economy dependent on animal producs such as cashmere andwool


Which country is bordered by Denmark and the Netherlands?


Which state is known as the Ocean State because of its 400miles o coastline -

Rhode Island

The Jaffna, a region inhabited primarily by Tamils, formsthe northern tip of what island country?

Sri Lanka

Oasis farming and livestock raising are common in theXinjiang Autonomous region in the arid western part of which Asian country


Which agent of erosion creates V-shaped valleys?


Transylvania is a region that was made famous by a fictionalcharacter, Count Dracula. This region is located in which European country


What city, the most populous in Namibia, lies on a plateaubetween the Namib and Kalahari Deserts>


What term is used for the imaginary line on Earth that marksthe boundary where one day ends and the next begins?

International Date Line

China and which Southeast Asian country border the Gulf ofTonkin?


The inland sea borders three of the four major islands thatmake up which country in Asia


The Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, one of the world'slargest churches, was built during the 1980's in the French-speaking country onGhana's western border. Name this country

Cote d'lvoire

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