APPSC Examination held on 9.3.2008 General Studies random questions (APRO Paper)

1. Jean Paul Satre was famous for:
2. Panchayat Raj System was introduced in the year :
3. Which amendment of the Constitution gave priority to Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights?
4. What is the main objective of the Rural Development Programmes?
5. Identical twins are born when:
6.  What are the primary colours?
7. Khalsa was founded by:
8. Blue colour of sky is due to:
9. Today Mal was associated with:
10. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award is given for outstanding performance in:
11. Tripitakas are the sacred books of the
12. Mohini Attam is a dance form which originated in:
13. Red blood corpuscles are produced in:
14. Mountain is to the Himalayas as ocean is to:
15. Protestant reformation was directed against:
16. Khasis are an important tribe in India. Where most of them live?
17. The famous Kanha Wild Life Sanctuary is located in the state of:
18. Planning does not entail:
19. A bat is a/an:
20. Genetic engineering is a branch of:
21. Material most commonly used in nuclear power plants is
22. Which of the following is not an infectious disease?
23. The capital of the Kushanas was:
24. Rajatarangini is a historical book of the
25. The Golden temple at Amritsar has built at the site where:
26. The world famous painting ‘Mona Lisa’ is the work of
27. The President’s rule can be imposed in a state for a maximum period of:
28. Judicial review signifies that the Supreme Court :
29. The structure of the Indian Constitution is:
30. Which one of the following writs literally means ‘we command’?
31. Money bill can originate in
32. Parliament of India is a
33. Which of the following is the chief source of political power in India?
34. The cabinet secretariat functions under the direct control of the :
35. Which writ is sought to be issued to prohibit action?
36. Which nation has adopted the system of Administrative Law
37. The constituents of India’s Parliament are Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and
38. Who decides whether a bill is Money Bill or not?
39. The special status of Jammu and Kashmir implies that it has:
40. The Preamble can also be amended under:
41. The cause of inflation is:
42. Which of the following is not a bar to public service
43. Which of the following is called the Magna Carta of Indian liberties?
44. Appellate Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court does not involve?
45. What is the most remarkable aspect of Indian industry since independence?
46. The community development programme was launched in:
47. Globalisation of Indian economy means:
48. Devaluation of currency leads to
49. A growing country is one with
50. Which is not the main source of state revenue?
51. What are the grass-lands of South America called?
52. Ecitement in human body is caused by:
53. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of
54. Kautilya’s Arthashastra is a great treatise on
55. By whose efforts, Buddhism became the global religion?
56. Tides in the Ocean are caused due to:
57. Light year is the
58. Which organ is associated with the production of insulin in the human body?
59. Buddhism disappeared from the land of its birth primarily because of
60. Article VI of GATT (WTO) is related with: